About Us



I. Transforming curiosity into fan obsesssion

Fanbyte’s mission is about inspiring people to pursue their long-held or newly acquired passions in the culturally rich worlds of gaming, entertainment and technology. Our media seeks to inform, inspire and entertain fans on the topics they obsess over most

II. Represent the Diversity of All Fandoms

In 1999, we began with the gamer; engineering advanced resources, creating globally ranked destinations and offering tools for their game of choice: Everquest, World of Warcraft, Destiny, League of Legends, Fortnite, you name it. We have since evolved and diversified our platform to reach and support fans across all genres of video games, pop culture and consumer tech.

III. Create Positive Multi-Platform Content that Resonates

We are committed to creating content that resonates with fans across all the platforms and devices they are passionate about. From our Youtube videos to Twitch streams and websites, our product and content team have decades of combined experience building unique experiences tailored to our varied audiences.

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Our History


Allakhazam Founded
Company founded as Allakhazam with Everquest game guides, wiki and community.


Alexa Top 1000
Thottbot launches and quickly becomes a top 1000 Alexa ranked site.


Wowhead Acquired
Zam acquires Wowhead and grows to become the worlds largest Wow community.


New Beginnings
Tencent acquires ZAM Network which grows to 19 Million Active Users.


More Sites Added
ZAM acquires Hearthstone Topdecks, HOTS Logs and expands into social video growing to 23 Million Active Users


ZAM becomes Fanbyte
ZAM Network rebrands to Fanbyte and launches Fanbyte.com, growing to a network with over 35 Million Active Users.
to the present